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Spa Massage

Student Clinic

You'll find our Clinic Policies and booking options below!

Student names are listed as available staff members when you schedule

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What To Expect

Each therapeutic space has been mindfully built for privacy and comfort for our clients, while allowing for numerous options (such as hot towels, massage cups, etc.) that our students may use to enhance the massage experience

(Note: select tools may only be appropriate to use in returning sessions, i.e. massage cups)

There will be multiple massage sessions occurring at one time, please be courteous of your session neighbors as we keep chatting soft and to a minimum for the best therapeutic experience, thank you!

Please note that we have both male and female massage therapy students in class - if you have a personal preference of who you're scheduled with for your clinic massage, please reach out and we'll ensure you're scheduled accordingly.

Calm Sea

Student Clinic Policies

The following are policies to which you agree when you book a massage in our Student Massage Clinic

  • Massages offered are for therapeutic purposes only.

  • The student massage therapist does not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder; does not prescribe medical or pharmaceutical treatment; and does not do spinal manipulations

  • Massage in our clinic is not a substitute for medical care by a licensed healthcare provider

  • We do not accommodate special requests pertaining to gender, age, race, experience, etc.

  • Massage therapists are only allowed to perform modalities and techniques in which they have been trained

  • Cubicle privacy curtains will be closed while you change, and remain open during the session to accommodate instructor “coaching”

Client Responsibilities:

  • No perfumes, scents, etc. – Clean personal hygiene

  • Please note that we do not provide childcare - Please do not bring any children with you to your appointment

  • No pets - If you have a service animal, please contact us ahead of time

  • Client may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when present

  • Cell phones off; if a call must be taken/made, the client will leave the therapeutic clinic space

  • The client is responsible for their personal belongings

  • Client is responsible for informing the massage therapist of any medical conditions and medications they are taking, and any known implications for massage

  • If you are pregnant, a doctor's permission for massage must accompany you at the time of each appointment to receive your massage session

  • Control of pressure is up to the client - Clients may ask for more or less pressure and may end the session if uncomfortable

  • Any sexually implicit behavior initiated by the client will result in the immediate termination of the session for which no refund will be given. Furthermore, we will no longer allow the client in our clinic.

  • We do not accept tips. This is an educational environment. Any additional gratitude may be donated to the charitable causes adopted by the practicing class.

Business Policies:

  • Due to our limited clinic days, Great Lakes School of Massage does not issue refunds, but we are happy to help reschedule you within the available clinic dates in the event you need to cancel your session 24-hours PRIOR to your pre-booked appointment (No-call, no-shows will absorb the pre-paid cost of the booked session)

  • The client is responsible for keeping the appointment with or without a reminder/confirmation call, text, or email from Great Lakes School of Massage

  • Massage sessions will end at the scheduled time. If the massage session is shortened due to late arrival, the client is still responsible for full payment.

  • The massage session may be canceled if the client is more than 15 minutes late

  • The GLSM clinic is a training class. Student absences may occur which may cause your session to be canceled. If that happens, your therapist will reschedule your appointment if another therapist is not available.

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